A story about love.
And humans.

JÉ is an amalgam of the couple’s initials. “J” is for Jean and É is for Élysée. In reference to “je t’aime”, a phrase that evokes the love that Jean and Élysée have for each other and for humanity. The couple has long been interested in the connections between humans. Wherever they go, their goal is to establish rich, emotional connections with the people they meet. They seek out ephemeral experiences and explore the deeper meaning of love.

Love Lives Inside

In their ongoing research, they have travelled the world, inviting strangers to close their eyes and think about a loved one as they sit for a portrait. Love Lives Inside is a photographic research that captures the moment when strangers think about someone—or something—they love the most in the world. The moment when they turn gaze inward to reveal a part of themselves. The moment when everyone closes their eyes and connects with the universal and binding reality of love.

Photography is the medium they use to collect memories. While the photos help them reminisce, the important part is the human connections. The images are but a reminder of the experience. 

“The portraits were wonderfully candid, deeply real and touching. We often say the eyes are the window to the soul. But eyes that are closed evoke a deeper, more mysterious range of emotions.” 

When we treat people with kindness, it gives them the courage to open up and be vulnerable. Surprisingly, many individuals expressed gratitude for this fleeting yet potent experience.

Jean Tran

After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in graphic design, Jean Tran co-founded Monarque, an award-winning design agency specialized in brand strategy consulting and creative design. He is at his best when solving complex problems, reducing ideas to their essence, and communicating ideas directly, clearly, and powerfully.

Élysée Lang

Élysée Lang studied visual arts and commercial photography. She became a freelance photographer, specializing in beauty shots and wedding photography. With her deep and genuine interest in fellow humans, Élysée captures life’s joyous moments in an intimate, artistic manner.

Phd Degree

Gerrit Academie, Amsterdam

Masters Degree
Universität für Kunst, Vienna
Bachelor Degree
Gerrit Academie, Amsterdam
Applied Arts

Multiple Award-Winner, 2021. Canada

World Press Photo

Shortlist, 2021. Worldwide

Communication Arts

Shortlist, 2021. United States